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Forward to 100 Countries in 2020

Time surely flies. It's 2020 and many people have started the year with new years resolutions. Good they want to see realized. Some start off very motivated but as the year passes, the light starts dimming and later it goes out completely.

For us as ministry, we would like to see 100 countries participating in Witnessing Week 2020. We are sure that this is a God idea and not just a good idea therefore we are confident that God will make a way.

Last year we had the first Witnessing Week conference which was a huge success and this year we are planning another event between 12-14 March 2020. Information is available on the home page of the Witnessing Week website.

We have had tremendous feedback on Witnessing Week 2019 and the fruit it brought forth in congregations that participated.

Please tell others about this initiative and introduce partners of other countries to this website. Networking is very important. We are convinced that initiative will eventually work together with other initiatives towards world revival.

Thank you that you are holding hands with us in reaching out to the masses that needs to be saved.

May God bless you abundantly

Evangelist Andries Pelser

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