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Effect of the Witnessing Week on Word of Hope Church

We had made ten teams to evangelize our locality, thenas a church we prayerfully launched in to this program. We wou

ld like to share some of the testimonies.

1. One of our church members PREM KUMAR by name was enquired of the batch wore by his friends that gave him an opportunity to introduced JESUS as a real friend.

2. SUKUMAR stays in a rented house was enquired by his neighbors about the he was wearing, then he shared his testimony of conversion and gave them the tract of how to go to heaven.

3. RAJU is a painter, while he was in his shop, wearing the badge his friends enquired for they could not understand what is on it, this gave Raju a great opportunity to share about the salvation that comes through the cross.

4. STEPHEN was asked by his friends of the badge he was wearing, then he shared his conversion testimony and told them how to go to heaven and gone throughthe tract.

5. Naomi is a maid servant, the lady of the house asked of her badge, though Naomi is an uneducated woman she could not explain, but she gave the tract that says how to go to heaven. That lady is an educated woman started reading the tract.

6. Elizbeth went to tailoring training center, the trainees asked of her badge; she took that opportunity to share her testimony and gave them the tract how to go to heaven.

7. Rahul a young boy went to medical store to buy some medicine with the badge the shop keeper asked him what it was, then Rahul unable to explain the gospel but gave him the tract of how to go to heaven.

8. Sudheer one of our church worker stays in rented house, the owner of the house asked about the badge. Then he explained the gospel to him and also to the neighbor.

9. Rani shared her testimony when she was asked about the badge her neighbors and she also gave them the tract of how to go to heaven.

10. Some of our church youth distributed everyone wants to go to Heaven are you ready”? To their neighboring friends.

For the benefit of many people we have translated the tract in our local language. On the whole through the witnessing weak program, we as a church re-dedicated many souls in to the kingdom of GOD.

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